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Recent Posts

Numark Mixtrack II USB DJ Controller unit

I am not professional. However, I can see Numark Mixtrack II USB DJ Controller unit being very popular with the following types of people:    Old-skool DJs who want to know if they will “get on” with digital and want a cheap way to find out.    New DJs who aren’t sure if DJing is for them so don’t want to spend a large amount of money at first.    DJs with more expensive kit who are looking...

Know The Hidden Causes of Chapped Lips

Dry and chapped lips cause terrible irritation, making one feel uncomfortable all through the day. The most irritating condition is chapped lips, creating a hindrance in various day to day and usual activities like talking, eating, smiling, frowning etc. The conditions when your lips are so dry and there is certain blood coming out is horrifying and gives a burning sensation. People are unaware of the cause for such a condition. Have a look at...

How to stop my dog licking himself?

Number 1 I realise its normal and healthy for dogs to clean the genitalia and it doesn't bother me. However my dog has recently had a problem with his penis being stuck out, been to the vets and he was put back in but to stop him he has been wearing a cone for the last 2 weeks. I have taken it off today and the vets said we need to make sure he doesn't...

Discount lifeproof case please?

I am scouring the web for discount lifeproof cases and so far have found nothing. I want a pink and gray lifeproof case for the iPhone 4/4S about the price of $20. Please help me! I am desperate!!!

Where to buy these kind of glasses, but for cheaper price?

Where to buy these kind of glasses, but for cheaper price? Just the frames, not contact lenses?Ray-Ban Glasses 5169These are the kind I'm looking for, but since I'm a redhead, I'd rather them be more brown.I mainly want these kind because they don't have the normal nose pads. The nose pads I have now irritate my nose and leave marks.Anyway, anywhere you can think of that I can buy the frames would be great. I...

Which tablet should I purchase?

I've recently decided I would like to buy a tablet and I did a little research and learned that there are a lot more options than I thought. Everywhere I look there doesn't seem to be a clear answer. I'm looking for a general purpose tablet that i can watch movies on, browse the web, access social networks, play casual gaming, and type documents for school. I don't have a preferred platform and I'm open...

Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 5?

Samsung Galaxy-S3 better or iPhone 5? I wanna get a phone but i dont know what to pick. I already have an ipad 3.

Canon vs Nikon

Which camera will be better in this two camera 1. Canon PowerShot A2300 IS 16.0 MP or 2. Nikon CoolPix S9200 16 MP which will be better?

Sennheiser PC 360 vs Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless 7.1 vs g35?

I am looking for a new headset for  Valentine's Day but don't know what to go for. My girlfriend mainly will use it for gaming. I am a pretty hardcore gamer, have been for years now, but my girlfriend never touched anything outside of games like sims, grand theft auto etc. So any suggestions on what to select? Today I have done some extensive research. I have heard the best things about the 3 above...

Where can I get a shell for a iphone 5?

I want a shell for a iphone 5, aluminium. I DO NOT WANT A CASE FOR A  iphone 4 OR 4s. Where can I get one? I want it to be a shell, not just a normal case..

Is the Microsoft Surface RT a good tablet to buy?

I'm thinking of buying a microsoft surface tablet with 64GB and a black typing pad.I already have an Apple iPad 3 but some applications will not run on Apple due to software conflicts.What do you think about the surface tablet ( for those who have it)?

What is the best flat iron to buy?

I would like to find for my girl the best flat iron for around $30-$40 or under that will make your hair very straight and neat looking. Which one would you recommend?

Do you know about a good, cheap portable speaker are compatible with the Kindle Fire?

I have a first generation kindle fire and i'm really annoyed by the fact that it doesn't have volume controls or any real solid buttons for that matter. So my question - are there any headphones out there that have the volume, play/pause controls on them that are compatible with my the kindle fire? My apple earbuds don't work with it.Do you know about a good, cheap portable speaker are compatible with the Kindle Fire?

I want to install laminate flooring in my house?

I live in Illinois and I want to install laminate floors at my house. It is a 418 square foot area and I wanted to know if anyone knows of any stores that the laminate flooring would be cheap, like an outlet store or something. I have check market.askedweb.com but I want to know if there are more.I like wood flooring but this is my starter home and I am only going to be here...

What is the difference between case for Pod 5 and iPhone 5?

I might today buy from askedweb marketcase for my new iPod 5g.But, I don't see as many cases for the  iPod, but I see more for the iPhone.

If I change the truss rod cover on my Gibson guitar, will it affect the value?

Hey! Just bought a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard. Amazing guitar, but the only thing I don't like about most Gibsons are the truss rod covers (albeit a minor gripe). So I purchased a beautiful hand made cover made of Ebony, Mother of Pearl, Abalone, etc.

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