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Numark Mixtrack II USB DJ Controller unit

I am not professional. However, I can see Numark Mixtrack II USB DJ Controller unit being very popular with the following types of people:

    Old-skool DJs who want to know if they will “get on” with digital and want a cheap way to find out.
    New DJs who aren’t sure if DJing is for them so don’t want to spend a large amount of money at first.
    DJs with more expensive kit who are looking for a cheap unit to take with them to parties or events where they don’t want to take their full set-up for space, security or convenience reasons.
    DJs wanting a budget controller they know they will be able to perform proper spinbacks on.
    DJs upgrading from an older budget controller (as even cheap units have moved on in leaps and bounds recently) and who already have a soundcard, and so don’t want to buy one of today’s more common controllers that already have a soundcard built-in.
    DJs wanting a digital DJ unit to make mix tapes, which they’ll never really use out of the house so for whom build quality is not such a big thing.

What do you think about this?

I know there are fans who would say that their fav controller unit is the top. But I'm not saying the best I have only get .... highest a cheap unit EVER.

I can't find it anywhere, anyone know of where I can?
Thank you in advanced



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The only DJ controller that comes near to acceptable as far as real scratching goes in my mind is the VCI-300 with Serato ITCH, due to the hi-res jogwheels. That’s not to say these aren’t fun, just it doesn’ t really feel or sound the same.


I hear both decks playing. An hour ago my Mixtrack pro was working fine. I place a speakers jack into the headphone output and listen to the music through the speaker.


I am also contemplating purchasing this controller


First things first – this is not pro DJ kit, but it’s not too bad, either; while it has a plastic chassis, it’s still sturdy and heavier than expected. Even though the faders aren’t “long throw” (ie they’re short, so it’s harder to make fine adjustments), they’re still smooth and the crossfader is nice and loose, just how it should be. And while the feature-set is limited (not a lot of bells and whistles here), it still has kills (my Vestax VCI-300 can’t manage that) and effects (ditto).

What’s more, Numark has put the budget where it will count for many: The Mixtrack has excellent touch-sensitive jogwheels. For many DJs – myself included – DJing is all about touching and spinning things that are round. So when it comes to digital, jogwheels are really important. And the Mixtrack’s wheels are good, performing manipulation and spinbacks satisfyingly both physically and in sound.

Another feature that impresses is backlit buttons, the lights telling you how the system is set, to save you constantly squinting at the screen of your laptop; a real plus point for performers. Apart from that, it’s pretty much all you’d expect, little you wouldn’t. By the way, it is powered straight from your computer’s USB bus, so no need for any mains.

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