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Where to buy these kind of glasses, but for cheaper price?

Where to buy these kind of glasses, but for cheaper price? Just the frames, not contact lenses?

Ray-Ban Glasses 5169

These are the kind I'm looking for, but since I'm a redhead, I'd rather them be more brown.

I mainly want these kind because they don't have the normal nose pads. The nose pads I have now irritate my nose and leave marks.

Anyway, anywhere you can think of that I can buy the frames would be great. I was then planning to take them to askedshop, and have then add the lens'.

Thanks for whatever help you can give me c:



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  • lunamiss
  • February 08, 2013

I work for a therapeutic optometrist.

First of all, do you know what your prescription is? That can dictate a lot about cost. For example, single vision lenses are the least expensive, while progressives generally cost the most. Or a high sphere or cylinder (prescription) may require a specialized material that costs more.

There are 3 costs to consider when buying glasses. How much you need to save depends on the kind of quality and options that you want.

The first is the frame. You can go to an Eyemart/Pearle/Lenscrafters place and find some inexpensive frames or look for something high end. You can spend around $50 for frames...and as much as $500-$600 for designer labels. Don't be afraid to try something expensive on and then ask the optician if he/she can find something comparable in a lower price if you like them. Some locations will use your existing frame (sometimes for a fee) if they are in good condition. However, they generally assume no liability if your frame breaks in the process of making the lenses.

  • lunamiss
  • February 08, 2013

Second, you need to consider the kind of lens you want. Glass and plastic lenses are the least expensive and can range between $50 and $100. Keep in mind, however, that there are more modern materials (like polycarbonate and trivex) that are lighter, flatter, and more safe (shatter resistant) than glass and plastic. If you are calamity prone, have a high prescription, or use your glasses for sports, you might consider paying more for these options. There are other "high index" materials that are the most expensive.

Last, you need to consider any additional options that you want with your glasses, as these are usually a separate fee (options such as anti-reflective coating, tints, or transition lenses). These options can range anywear from $25 to $150 dollars each.

Shop around and know that private optical locations will probably cost more than chains and are less likely to offer package specials. You can spend as little as $100, as much as $1000! Don't be afraid to let the optician know your budget from the beginning and he/she will have a better idea of what to offer you.

  • Muse
  • February 08, 2013

Any place that sells glasses

  • Dale
  • February 08, 2013

Have a look on ebay I bought a pair glasses from this site, good deal and saved me over $100!

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