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I want to install laminate flooring in my house?

I live in Illinois and I want to install laminate floors at my house. It is a 418 square foot area and I wanted to know if anyone knows of any stores that the laminate flooring would be cheap, like an outlet store or something. I have check market.askedweb.com but I want to know if there are more.

I like wood flooring but this is my starter home and I am only going to be here for one or two years more and don't want to put so much money into it. I already updated the bathroom and I am going to install new doors and garage door and I also put a new furnace already and I want to to do the floors in the living room and kitchen/dining room.



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  • Dave M
  • January 16, 2013

Mike's right. If you are going to spend some money on your floors, but QUALITY. What's a few more dollars or a hundred or so if you are putting down something you want to last. This is one thing you don't want to skimp on.

I use to sell this product in a cheap building materials company. They are now out of business. But I wouldn't have bought their flooring for my house. Actually I wouldn't have used laminate flooring either. I would have saved my money until I could get enough to put in real hardwood flooring. It's very easy to see the difference when I walk into someone's home.
  • 15 yrs floorcovering
  • January 16, 2013

Keep in mind the laminate is one of our biggest selling types of floor. So, there are a lot of companies selling 2-nds and manufacture defects out there. At face value they seem like a terrific deal but three years down the line the product is falling apart and no matter what the salesman says at point of sale. There is no warranty with defect products.

If you have a specific floor in mind I can get all of them and can drop ship to your house. I will give you as good a deal as you can find on first run goods, but first quality only. I don't deal with seconds. If I can help call 804-730-7777 ask for Mike. If not .... good luck with the search you will like your new floor.
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