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If I change the truss rod cover on my Gibson guitar, will it affect the value?

Hey! Just bought a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard. Amazing guitar, but the only thing I don't like about most Gibsons are the truss rod covers (albeit a minor gripe). So I purchased a beautiful hand made cover made of Ebony, Mother of Pearl, Abalone, etc.

The design is of a skull with roses. Will simply changing out this cover affect the value in any way, up or down?

I will of course hang on to the old cover so that I can make it "original" again if I want.

Any input appreciated....thanks!!


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  • Brittany B
  • January 12, 2013

I've recently got an electric guitar for Xmas after having an acoustic for a few years and I got an eastcoast and its pretty good and makes a good sound and it was only like $150


I love the sound you get from Les Pauls, They have such a beautiful full sound to them. I would get a Les Paul Studio, they are cheaper than the standard, but have the same sound. They're around 300 - $350, thats cheap for a good solid guitar, if thats too much, then get the special II or the Junior, here a link: Fender Electric Guitar

  • Nancy
  • January 12, 2013

Hi Stevie, I would recommend a Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS or Fender Modern Player Stratocaster HSS. You get the bucker in the bridge for heavier sounds, and the middle and neck pickups give you a great quack and quite interesting and very usable sound. The HSS Strats are probably the most versatile guitars on the market and you can literally play any song ever written on a Strat. Ask Dave Murray. Ask David Gilmour. Ask The Edge. It is Swiss army knife of guitars. Plus, you get a bolt on neck (unlike most will tell you, you get better sustain from a bolt on, and they never break. DO NOT GET A LES PAUL. Don't get me wrong, I have one and love it, but they are not going to get the sound you are looking for, plus Gibson's quality control right now cant get any worse.

What you need to do is go to the nearest music store and try out a few models for yourself. That's because guitars aren't made for music, they're made for guitar players. Music is that thing that happens when a guitar player finds the right guitar for them. No matter what your budget is, you'll find something that fits your playing style and personality. But always test-drive it first, because that's the only way to know.

Thank you, this was helpful.

  • Mikey
  • January 12, 2013

I am sorry, but for you running an opinion poll is not an effective way to select a guitar, especially given you know how to play. All anyone can give you is which guitar is more comfortable for them to play and which has the sound they want for their music.

That is of no help to you!

A hands on test is needed. Spend 2 minutes playing a guitar and you will learn more than all the on-line research you can do. It is your guitar, trust your hands and hears to tell you which is best for you.


I'm also planning on getting an new electric guitar and i would like to know which guitar is better for me. I play also acoustic guitar(for more than 2 years) and i plan on using the new guitar to play covers of my favorite bands which are post-hardcore and metalcore (such as A Day to Remember, We Came As Romans, Asking Alexandria, Memphis May Fire, etc.). Which of any brends guitars will better suit these genres?

  • Mikey
  • January 12, 2013

If you can make it original truss rod cover in the compartment in the case so then no loss of value. It's not a problem.

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